Intro to Classical Pilates Method 

January 12th (Sunday) 2020 

6:00pm and 7:00pm


*Terms and conditions:

  • Free from injuries
  • Postpartum 6 months
  • Not pregnant


What you will learn 

The Basic 10 exercises

How to breathe


How to move from your center

How to mount and dismount the equipment

The basic 10 mat Pilates 

The basic 10 Pilates exercises are the fundamental movement that appears through the Pilates System.

Mat, reformer, Tower, chair

By the learning and understanding these movements, you will have a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve in your body


How to breathe

Breathing is at the center of the classical work. Understanding how to breathe, will make it easy for you to move with fluidity and grace which are fundamental skills to practicing Pilates.

How to move from your center.

The center line which is also call the power house;  is what makes Pilates so unique. By moving from your center you will have uniformly developed muscles (smaller and bigger muscle working together) which as a result limits the risk of injuries. A skill that we all need to learn not only for practicing Pilates but in order to do our daily activities with ease and pleasure.

How to manage the equipment.

The classical work, move with flow, tempo and dynamic. In order to make the most out of your classes and being placed in the right class, you need to know how to mount, dismount, transition form each equipment safely. Transition is part of maintaining the work in the center and helps you stay focused.



“You always have to learn the basics first. To truly practice Pilates you need first need self-awareness of how your body moves. Classical Pilates teaches you this first crucial building block. Once you start to have awareness you can start making connections, then you start to deepen those connections and the progression is endless.” Mina Ulasevich 

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