The Pilates Center Teacher Training February 2020


Hi, I’m glad to see you here.

My name is Jeanique, my passion is classical (traditional) pilates and,  I’m trained from The Pilates Center Boulder Colorado. My mission is to show you how classical Pilates can enhance your life and movement!

Private Classes

Through classical Pilates workouts you will achieve your goals, exercise the way you have always wanted, and have peace of mind.

I would highly recommend training with Jeanique not only will you get great results you will get a very high level instructor, she is an amazing teacher. She has a lot of experience with training people and a lot of knowledge of the body and Pilates. I love that she’s passionate about her work. She’s a very caring and compassionate human being. The best thing is that she is completely present when you’re working with her, that quality has really stood out for me.
Eliana Rodriguez

Sky Diver

After our first session I ask my partner “how long are we planning to continue this?” Her answer, “until the day we die”. Now 3 years later we are still on our journey and can’t imagine a week without Jeanique. Discovering our core in line with the correct breathing helps us to lengthen every part of our body and each session gives us a great start into the week!
Stefan Fisher Co-operate

I find Jeanique to be fantabulous and gifted to work with. Despite my size – UK 22 she’s managed to work with me, strengthen me over all and rehabilitate my torn meniscus. Someone who doesn’t like to exercise, Pilates is going to be something I am not going to give up. And all thanks to my super teacher
Swati Pan

31 days classical mat pilates -Tutorial (free online videos

Learn the essence of Pilates

What you will learn
How the classical mat Pilates  works.
How to modify each exercises to your needs and levels
How to flow and transition from each exercise
How to incorprate your Pilates breathing

Join in

Group Classes

only 4 people per class

Group Classes challenges your endurance and grow your self control

“Nothing will work unless you do” ~ Maya Angelou


Teacher Training

I’m a proud Licensed teacher trainer for the Pilates Center Teacher Training Program from Boulder Colorado also know as the Harvard of Pilates for their high Caliber education.

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